Novo Nordisk (Serbia)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Serbia Milutina milankovica 9b 11070 Belgrade ,Serbia

Tel: +381 11 22 22 700


Company description

Novo Nordisk Company was established in 1923, then under the name of Nordisk Insulinlaboratorium. Novo Nordisk Company’s offices in Belgrade started working in June of 1990, and in 2006, this subsidiary transformed in to a Serbian company – Novo Nordisk Pharma d.o.o. From the beginning of its existence in Serbia, Novo Nordisk Company offered great contribution to improvement of quality of its diabetology protection in Serbia and in reorganization of services with application of contemporary diagnostic and therapy procedures. Aside from promotional activities in endocrinology and treatment of haemophilia, and registration of medications, this organization also has a department for clinical testing of new medications in endocrinology and treatment of haemophilia. Novo Nordisk, with head offices in Denmark, employs around 30,000 people in the world and sells its products in 179 countries. Novo Nordisk employs 38 people in Serbia.

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