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Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: str. Sagaidachnogo, 29 / 1,
Kyiv 04070 ,Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 581 1260


Company description

Novo Nordisk Representation in Ukraine started its activities in 1993 and was one of the first representative offices of foreign pharmaceutical companies. Novo Nordisk has provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine insulin for 1 million dollars and began its work to ensure the quality of patients with insulin Ukraine.

Realizing that the problem of diabetes – is not only a question of insulin patients, staff offices are doing everything possible to develop Endocrinology Service of Ukraine and improve the quality of care for people with diabetes as part of the Comprehensive Program of the President ‘Diabetes’. According to the mission and policy of Novo Nordisk, except supplies to Ukraine of high insulin, syringe pens NovoPen ® for its introduction, the drug tablet tsukroznyzhuyuchoho NovoNorm ®, representation pays attention to two other important components of treatment – training people with e and abetom and self-control.

Novo Nordisk was the first company in Ukraine began to implement a system of disseminating information about the latest developments in the field of Diabetology among doctors, as well as European standards in the treatment of patients with diabetes. It was organized and conducted over 100 one-day and three-day regional seminars, international and interregional symposia and conferences to discuss issues of diagnosis, treatment and education of patients with diabetes in the conference was attended by all doctors, endocrinologists Ukraine.

Each year the office publishes and distributes free educational literature for medical endocrinologists and people with diabetes ohm . For 15 years, more than 100 different materials (books, manuals, booklets, posters, monuments and recommendations for people with diabetes ) were distributed in Ukraine, a total of over 1 million copies.
For 10 years, every last one of six doctors, 00 endocrinologists Ukraine receives mail 4 times a year for useful information, articles, etc. diabetolohiv known world.
Training of people with those of ukrovy m diabetes ohm – very important part of their treatment, which can actually reduce disability and mortality, and costs as the state and people treatment of complications. In all regions of Ukraine with the support representative while Novo Nordisk was opened more than 50 HQ at L for training people with those of ukrovy m diabetes ohm . Each school was equipped with a computer with a special educational program of Novo Nordisk, a television with video system and relevant educational films, and literature for students .

14 years, Novo Nordisk is the primary sponsor of the popular magazine for people with sugar m diabetes ohm ‘diabetic’ , making this magazine available to all readers . The magazine was named best publication at the International Festival of Journalism in 1999.

Representation of Novo Nordisk over the years is the sponsor of the Days of Diabetes, held in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, sponsored congresses and plenums of endocrinologists, sponsored recreation for children, diabetics, in camp, ‘Swallow’ (in Kyiv) and the sanatorium ‘Brigantine’ (Evpatoria). With the support of Novo Nordysk children have the opportunity to strengthen health ‘ I meet and a good time with their sversnykamy . Novo Nordisk is sponsoring the participation of the delegation of doctors in the annual International Congress for the Study of Diabetes (EASD Congress), held in various cities around the world. This enables doctors to Ukraine to talk and share experiences with colleagues from different countries. L Icarus from Ukraine took part in courses in Clinical Diabetology in the world-famous diabetic heart walls in Copenhagen. Provided financial assistance to various medical institutions in Ukraine for repair facilities. Representation of Novo Nordisk has always provided humanitarian assistance to those in need: it is free of insulin and patients who suffered during the disaster, providing children apparatus for measuring blood sugar, etc.

Products and services

Modern insulin
Levemir ® FleksPen ®
NovoRapid ® FleksPen ®
NovoMiks ® 30 ® FleksPen
Aktrapid ® HM
Protafan ® HM
Mikstard ® 30 nm
Means of insulin
HlyukaHen ® HipoKit
NovoNorm ®
Norditropin ® NordiLet ®
NovoSeven ®


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