Octapharma Belgium

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Rue de Stallestraat 63/4, B-1180 Brussels,Belgium


Web: http://www.octapharma.com/en.html

Company description

Our Group-wide mission is the safe and optimal use of human proteins.
Octapharma respects donated human plasma as a scarce and valuable resource. We meet our Mission through the use of cutting-edge, validated viral inactivation and state-of-the-art purification technologies, in order to achieve the highest production yields and manufacture medical products with the highest possible safety margins. We respect human plasma as a sparce resource for life saving therapies.

Products and services

The Octapharma portfolio focuses on protein and other biopharmaceutical products derived from human plasma, in three therapeutic areas:

Coagulation factors to treat bleeding disorders.
Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
Plasma and blood proteins (such as albumin) used to stabilise blood circulation, restore coagulation function, and prevent shock, e.g., for heavy burns, injuries, and in surgery.
Immunoglobulins to treat immune disorders and prevent rhesus incompatibility in pregnancies.


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