OHSAD – Turkey

Last updated: 11.05.2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 14.34.40OHSAD, the Turkish Association of Private Hospitals and Health Institutions was founded legally in 2004, after existing informally since 1991. Prior to OHSAD’s formation, several associations existed in its place, fragmenting the voice of the industry and impeding organization; OHSAD was founded with the mission to correct these issues, and bring unity and coordination to the private sector. Today, the association represents more than 80 percent of the private healthcare sector, totally more than 850 hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Contact Details
Cumhuriyet str. Seyhan
Apt. No:36/8 Elmadağ –
Taksim / İstanbul
e-mail: genelsekreter@ohsad.org
Telephone: + 90 212 247 07 00 |  Fax: + 90 212 247 07 05


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