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PHAGO Austria

Last updated: 08.08.2017

PHAGO is a voluntary representation of the full range of Austrian pharmaceutical wholesalers. Its most important task is to ensure the supply of medicines to Austria.

As the backbone of drug delivery, wholesale is therefore concerned with the planning, processing, and delivery of 20 million medicines that have to be taken to the pharmacy every month.

The wholesale stores over 50,000 items from more than 2,000 suppliers. In this way, the company bundles the entire range of medicinal products in order to be able to supply patients at any time.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers ensure that the national stock of medicinal products canalways be provided and medicinal products are on the spot if they are needed quickly. This is particularly important in times of delivery difficulties and delivery exclusions by individual pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Address 1090 Vienna, Palais Schlick: Türkenstraße 25/12

Tel +43 (0) 1 409 44 86




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