Pharmaceutical Research Institute

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Rydygiera 8, 01-793 Warsaw, Poland

Tel: +48 22 456 39 00


Company description

PRI – Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Warsaw, Poland, is a government-owned R&D organization. PRI’s main areas of activity include: research and development in the area of pharmaceutical sciences, as well as manufacturing of medicinal products and selected active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in laboratory and production scale. The lists of commercializations, patents, scientific papers and prizes awarded to PRI staff is presented in the references section.

Products and services

The key assets of Pharmaceutical Research Institute include:

Specialists – highly educated and well-trained staff with extensive experience in chemical and pharmaceutical research.
Quality – R&D activities, commercializations, manufacturing and documentation run according to current regulations (GMP, GLP).
Novelty – Pilot Plant (API manufacturing) completely renovated in the year 2006.
Reliability – over 55 years of successful cooperation with both domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and research centres, certified products and services.
Knowledge – the balance between scientific and industrial activities results in the proper direction of research, successful implementation of developed technologies as well as efficient intellectual property rights protection.

Manufacturing offer:

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) manufacturing in laboratory, kilolab and plant scale.
Contract manufacturing of oral dosage forms in laboratory and ¼-plant scale during technology development modifications.
Medicinal products manufacturing: soft capsules, oral drops, dry substances for solution preparation.
Other services:

Patent surveys in chemistry and pharmacy: API synthesis, polymorphism and pharmaceutical dosage forms.
Registration of medicinal products: preparation and evaluation of the registration documentation, organization of the registration and reregistration processes, post-registration changes, coordination of the information documents and expert reports preparation.


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