Pharmaceuticals Industry Council (PIC)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Level 1, 16 Napier Close DEAKIN ACT 2600,Australia

Tel: (602) 6282 6888


Company description

The Pharmaceuticals Industry Council is the peak body for Australia’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. It brings together the innovative, generic and biotechnology industries to represent a whole-of-sector approach to addressing opportunities and threats to investment in the sector.

The PIC was established in June 2006, following the three-year implementation of the Government-endorsed Pharmaceuticals Industry Action Agenda. The PIC aims to take forward the work of the PIAA, particularly to double Australia’s share of the global pharmaceuticals industry by 2012.

The biopharmaceuticals sector in Australia employs approximately 34 000 people, exports almost $4 billion worth of medicines annually and invests more than $752 million per year in research and development collaborations with local hospitals, universities and research organisations. The industry is a major innovative contributor to the economy, and one of the most R&D intensive industries in Australia.

Products and services

Investment, Intellectual Propery Rights, Corporate-Governmental relations


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