Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Suite 401, Level 4, 7 Oaks Ave
Dee Why NSW 2099

Tel: 1300 138 805


Company description

Pharmacor’s vision is to become the new force in generic medicines by adding real value for pharmacists. In fact, pharmacy is at the very core of everything Pharmacor does. From the Pharmacy Equity Program (PEP) to offering market level discounts on all products and to the creation of a nationally recognised consumer generic brand.

As a subsidiary of PharmaCare Laboratories, Pharmacor will benefit from the synergies of its parent company’s infrastructure, allowing Pharmacor to focus on innovative and differentiated sales and marketing.

Pharmacor have partnered with leading global generic suppliers to build a broad spectrum of ethical and OTC generic products, catering for 85% of pharmacy generic purchases by mid 2008.

Products and services




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