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Address: PharmaPack International B.V., Bleiswijkseweg 51, NL-2712 PB ZOETERMEER, the Netherlands

Tel: 0031 (0)79 3465 999


Company description

PharmaPack International specializes in packaging pharmaceutical as well as biotechnological products. We are experienced with the various product, organizational or country-specific packaging requirements, and are proud that many leading pharmaceutical companies constantly rely on our expertise and quality care.

Business premises Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.

You can rest assured that PharmaPack will package your products efficiently, responsibly and according to the highest quality standards. This is accomplished through deployment of the right combination of people, machines, quality systems and business partners. Furthermore, we have the necessary facilities for storage and distribution of bulk products. Five basic principles underlie our service provision: quality, choice, value, inspiration and innovation. We apply these principles for one purpose only; to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

Market leader:

PharmaPack International has been involved in the pharmaceutical service industry for almost 30 years. In 1983 we started out as a pharmaceutical contract packager in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. Thanks to our efficient production process, good price-quality ratio and great delivery performance, we developed into one of the largest pharmaceutical packers in Europe as well as a market leader in the Netherlands.

In 1998 our successful growth necessitated a move to larger premises in Zoetermeer where we are able to provide optimum service in a well-equipped business environment. PharmaPack International has the know-how required to ensure the efficient and responsible packaging of your pharmaceutical as well as biotechnological products. We are pleased to take care of the entire packaging process on your behalf. We proudly take care of your packaging needs.

To enable this we utilize ten blister packaging lines, some of which are used exclusively for hospital packaging (EAV). In addition dedicated packaging lines for bottles and containers as well as manual packaging lines are employed. We also process de-blistering activities as well as repackaging orders in both large and small batches effectively.

Products and services

Primary packaging:

Blisters, containers, EAV hospital packaging, buckets, bulk packaging, deblistering.
Secondary packaging:
Vials, inhalers, cartons, manual packaging, repackaging, inspection.
Purchase of packaging components.
Bulk sampling and quarantine storage.
Packaging and storage of opiates.
Storage and distribution (2 – 8 and 15 – 25 degrees)
Packaging of clinical trials.
Entire (cold) supply chain solutions.
PharmaPack’s Clinical Services

Packaging is an integral part of the (clinical) supply chain. Not only do we assist in finding optimal packaging solutions, moreover do we try to create a most flexible and efficient clinical supply chain. In our experiences every clinical project demands a unique approach, dedicated project team, and above all: thorough preparation.

PharmaPack’s clinical services include:
Project Management (randomization, blind and double blind)
Sourcing packaging materials
Packaging (i.e. blistering, labeling, kit preparation etc.)
Warehousing, Order Management & Distribution

While working in close collaboration with CRO’s we have managed several European as well as World Wide clinical projects. For more information regarding PharmaPack’s Clinical Services, please contact


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