Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: No. 106
16th Road
,South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)87 742 1860


Company description

Pharmaplan Pty Ltd is a fast growing pharmaceutical company that represents small to medium sized international Principals in South Africa and other selected Sub Saharan territories.

Pharmaplan is organized to function as a “virtual subsidiary” for its partners by assigning dedicated marketing and sales teams by Principal, whilst sharing the non-strategic functions such as order processing, administration, warehousing and distribution.

Pharmaplan works with its International Partners on an arm’s length basis and takes care of all aspects of the business from registration, marketing and sales, to distribution and collection of payments.

Products and services

Pharmaplan (Pty) Ltd has been registered as an importer and distributor of niche’ speciality/biotechnology medicines since 1996. Pharmaplan is a fully fledged pharmaceutical company, approved by the Pharmacy Council and Medicines Control Council to hold Registration Licences, providing the full spectrum of services from Registration, Regulatory, Marketing and Sales to Distribution (including cold chain).

At Pharmaplan, we represent many prominent international companies as their ‘virtual subsidiary’.Pharmaplan registers and markets the products of selected overseas principals either on its own behalf or manages the complete set up of true local subsidiaries.

Therapeutic areas of expertise include oncology, dermatology, nephrology, paediatrics, gynecology, surgery, radiology, neurology, cardiology and Psychiatry.

Most principals also entrust Pharmaplan with exports to many Sub Saharan African countries.



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