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Last updated: 23.10.2015


Pharmaceuticals Made in South Africa (PHARMISA) is an industry association of local pharmaceutical manufacturers. The organization is made up of local South African producers and Black Empowerment companies. Our singular interest is to promote local production, create empowerment opportunities and boost local capacity whilst some of the other trade associations have some interest in this, there are others, that primarily represent importers and it would not have been possible to achieve this should the PHARMISA members have been part of the one of the other trade associations that presently exist in South Africa. We required an organisation that had express focus on promoting local manufacture

PHARMISA has focused on three priorities; these included preferential procurement, the development of productive incentives to boost local manufacture and addressing tariff and non-tariff barriers to entry. Our focus has been on the first two areas and once these are bedded down we will place more attention on the third.

South African Government, together with its social partners, has placed significant effort and investment in repositioning the South African economy into one that is less import dependent and one which can gradually improve its export orientation. PHARMISA has been able to successfully position itself in this social partnership and future economic positioning. To this end pharmaceuticals have been positioned as one of the key priority sectors for industrialisation and technology development, in the South African governments industrial policy action plan.

One of the key issues that local industry has strongly advocated, with South African Government is the need to balance the trading playing fields. In many cases the playing fields are lopsided in favour of importers, as they are subsidised by the export destination. The South African market an extremely open one and one which is highly vulnerable to import substitution and displacement.


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