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Philips started in Russia in 1898, when Anton Philips signed his first major international contract for supply of 50,000 bulbs to the Winter Palace (today the State Hermitage Museum; back at that time – the main residence of the Russian Tsar). In 1914 Philips established representative office in Saint-Petersburg. Today regional headquarters are located in Moscow, and there are 24 offices all over the country. At this moment, 500 people work for Philips in Russia. Currently, Philips in Russia is #1 in lighting, certain segments of healthcare, and consumer products.


Philips is the leading global company in lighting. Every six hours Philips sells 150,000 bulbs in Russia (for reference the same number was sold in Russia during 1898). Philips developed lighting solutions for The Ivan the Great Bell Tower in Kremlin, buildings of Senate and Synode in Saint-Petersburg, Gazprom, RZD, Lukoil, NMLK, Russian stadiums and sport arenas, public schools, major retail chainstc.

In 2009, Hermitage and Philips initiated two joint projects that laid the foundation for cooperation in 2010. The advanced energy-efficient lighting was installed in Menshikov Palace. This project improved the quality of light, allowing to save 45% of energy. Moreover Philips designed dynamic LED lighting for the Carriage Yard of the Hermitage Museum.

In 2010, Philips and “LenEnergo” partnered to develop LED lighting solutions for the symbol of St. Petersburg – The Alexander Column. Moreover, Philips designed unique LED lighting for the Jordan Gallery and Georgievskiy Hall of the Winter Palace..

In the last 2 years, Philips worked with Russian municipal and regional authorities drive to install street lighting solutions in Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Khabarovsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Mahachkala, and others. The company excelled in showcasing latest technologies in architectural lighting installations for Dmitrievskiy Cathedral in Vladimir, city parks in Nizhniy Novgorod, Moscow, Volgograd. The company also started several major projects to develop lighting solutions for sport facilities in Kazan for Universiada Games and Sochi for Olympics 2014.

In 2010, Philips launched in Russia SimplyHealthy@Schools program, donating lighting for 11 schools in 8 regions of the Russia. This sustainability initiative became a strong proof point to Philips’ leading expertise on role of lighting in education, comfort, security, design, economy, climate change, etc.

Today, Philips actively supports Russian governmental institutions with technical expertise to revise lighting norms and standards, designing policies and governmental programs, as well as exploring opportunities for localization.


Philips Healthcare is one of the three world leaders in healthcare solutions. Currently, 18% of Russian clinics are equipped with Philips medical solutions for diagnostic imaging including CT, MRI, X-ray, cardiovascular systems, nuclear medicine, PET-CT, ultrasound systems and patient monitoring.

At major medical meetings and post-diploma training courses, Philips is helping doctors standardize their courses for MR, PET, CT, ultrasound, etc to deliver consistent training to reduce radiation risk and improve patient care across a variety of application including oncology, cardiology and pediatric care. For example, Philips has piloted a CT training program with Moscow State Medical University, for which certification courses were established.

Philips partners with major Russian medical institutions– Bakulev Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, the Moscow Cardiological Center of Professor Chazov, Medical Academy of Post-Diploma Training. Philips is aimed to launch in 2011 online training center for Russian doctors and administrators.

In cooperation with the Russian government, Philips entered into a “full-cycle innovative partnership” with Electron, a developer of X-ray equipment and software based in St. Petersburg to help Russia produce hi-tech medical equipment locally. In October 2010, Philips and Electron installed the first produced-in-Russia 16-slice CT in the Hospital of War Veterans in St. Petersburg. By 2013, the partners are aiming to have 51% of all high-tech components such as materials and software to be developed and produced in Russia.

In 2011, at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, ROSATOM and Philips have announced their intention to develop a nuclear medicine industry ecosystem in Russia. Nuclear medicine is an important medical imaging technique used to diagnose and stage cancer. With cancer becoming a primary cause of death, this partnership is an important step towards enabling better healthcare in Russia.

As part of the Memorandum of Understanding, ROSATOM and Philips intend to manufacture three important imaging modalities in nuclear medicine in Russia. This is the first time that an international manufacturer of nuclear medicine equipment has declared an intention to grant a local partner a license for SPECT/CT equipment production in Russia, reducing Russia’s dependency on other countries for the supply of this type of equipment. The companies intend to offer the Russian-made scanners to Russia and CIS markets under joint branding.Philips supports the national program by the State Duma and Russian Cardiology Society Healthy Hearts as part of its social responsibility agenda. The program addresses topics of early diagnostics, technologically advanced and affordable healthcare, education and training for doctors. Philips actively supports the project of the Russian Charity fund “Podari Zhizn” (Grant Life) with opening of a ‘state-of-the-art’ hospital for kids suffering from cancer. In 2011, Philips donated a number of upscale devices including Ambient Experience system for MR to be installed in the hospital.

Currently, Philips is actively engaged into the dialogue with the Russian Government on clinical research, medical education and training programs, localization initiatives, potential R&D programs in nuclear medicine.


Philips Consumer Lifestyle develops and markets a diversified portfolio of consumer products in consumer electronics, such as flat-screen television sets and audio/video/multimedia products, as well as domestic appliances (kitchen, floor care, garment care). Philips also offers high-quality personal care, hair care, beauty, and shaving/grooming products to the Russian consumer. Philips has a wide distribution network in Russia, and all Consumer Lifestyle products are available in key retailers throughout the country. The company is focusing on strong expansion into the regions.

Currently, 90% of all Philips TVs sold in Russia are assembled at the production facility in Kaliningrad, and the company is looking into possibilities to open more production sites in Russia.

In Russia Philips Consumer Lifestyle leads the fastest growing and technologically advanced market of TVs with 1080p resolution (Full HD). The company dominates the segment both in absolute figures – 38.5%, and total sales – 40,5%. In June 2010, Philips started 3D TV sales on the Russian market. 3D-ready TVs. With the revolutionary Arcitec electric razor introduced in fall 2007, Philips gained 42% of the market in total sales. The launch of Philips Saeco brand on the Russian market in September 2010 strengthened Philips with 25-year experience in Italian coffee making and production of coffee machines.

Philips developed a range of electronics and domestic appliances products, which enable Russian consumers to save energy. In Russia and around the world the company is committed to contributing towards a greener environment. In line with this approach, in 2010 the Econova LED TV was presented in Russia. It uses the latest LED lighting technology, reducing energy consumption by up to 60% – the lowest in its category. Similarly to Econova, a wide range of Philips products is designed to conveniently reduce impact on the environment without compromising on performance or design.

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