Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Ave Gen. J. Lemos 2809 (B1614BDH). Villa de Mayo. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Tel: (54-11) 4489-8300 


Company description

A Commitment to Health is what characterizes the more than half-a-century of activity carried out by Laboratorios Phoenix, a pioneer in offering to the domestic market the product of state-of-the-art international research, including the first antibiotics and antipoliomyelitic vaccines.

Throughout its trajectory, Laboratorios Phoenix has contributed to the growth of the Argentine pharmaceutical industry, assuring up-to-date scientific dissemination and production of drugs according to the most demanding standards of quality control.

As a licensee, Laboratorios Phoenix has demonstrated in its production an entrepreneurial soundness and scientific rigor in accordance with the standards of important foreign laboratories. And as a result of creative innovation, it has also made its own achievements in the field of leading edge research, developing state-of-the art technology in the area of oral drug delivery and controlled drug release.

Products and services

Opthamology, Dermatology, Neurological, Respiratory



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