Polfa Lodz

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: ul. Drewnowska 43/55, 91-002 Lodz

Tel: +48 42 654 00 70

Web: http://www.polfa-lodz.com/

Company description

For 75 years, we have been specialising in producing top quality medicinal products, dietary supplements and cosmetics. Thanks to the trust of physicians and pharmacists, our products can be found in every Polish home.
Our strongest desire is to perfect our preparations and to make efforts to increase their safety and efficacy. We are constantly striving to maintain the highest production standards – our production processes comply with GMP, HACCP and ISO standards.
In order to maintain continuous development, we merged with SENSILAB Sp. z o.o. in 2008.

Products and services

We are one of the leading drugs and dietary supplements manufacturers in Poland. Every year over 5,000,000 packets of our products are shipped to our customers. We offer over 50 different preparations. We are a leading manufacturer of calcium preparations based on the most easily absorbable form of calcium.

We are a pharmaceutical manufacturer which – apart from producing its own preparations – also provides contracted production services. Depending on the demand, our R&D department can develop products to be manufactured under a customer’s brand name. Owing to our modern and highly efficient equipment, we can fulfil your orders promptly. We take production services for our partners very seriously. We treat every enquiry on an individual basis, which results in the comprehensive service that our company can offer.



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