Polfarmed, Poland

Last updated: 01.05.2014

polfarmed-logoPolfarmed is a voluntary and self-governing organization of enterprises operating in the fields of production of medicinal products, medical devices as well as introducing medicaments and medical devices on the territory of the Republic of Poland and operating in the fields of manufacturing raw materials, appliances to their production and servicing of medical devices.


The statutory objectives of the Chamber are:

  1. Protect the economic interests of its members.
  2. Inspire the creation and amending of laws in the field of economic policy, especially those concerning the production of medicinal products, medical devices and raw materials necessary for their manufacturing, as well as dealing in these goods.
  3. Evaluate the implementation and operation of laws concerning the business activities conducted by its members.
  4. Participate in establishing the beneficial conditions for the development of business activities of its members.
  5. Present to the organs of State opinions on economic practices related to the business activities of its members.
  6. Promote the implementation of modern economic, technical and organizational forms.
  7. Collect information on the development plans, especially as far as launching new ideas and correlation of join undertakings are concerned.
  8. Support its members in registration and promotion of their products in Poland and abroad.
  9. Shaping and disseminating the rules of ethics in enterprise, in particular elaborating the norms of honest behavior in economic turnover.


It currently associates approximately 50 state-owned enterprises, cooperatives and private companies whose operation aim towards protecting the health of people and animals in terms of production of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, hygienic materials, medical materials.


In representing its members and the whole of pharmaceutical environment, it cooperates with the state authorities and administration, as well as the appropriate parliamentary commissions. It similarly keeps contact with national and foreign organizations and associations.


It is a consultant to self-government authorities. Its activities include the provision of information and consultations to its members and a wide range of training programs on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), financial and legal matters, health and safety at work and many others.


Due to the chamber’s high degree of activity, its representatives are frequently invited by state authorities to participate in the work of consultative institutions on matters related to healthcare. They have submitted their conclusions on legislation passed in Poland over the last twenty years.



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