Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Polpharma
Trade Office
Bobrowiecka 6
00-728 Warsaw
Poland,@ Global

Tel: +48 22 364 61 00

Web: http://www.polpharma.pl/en/about-us/

Company description

Polpharma SA belongs to the select group of leaders in the pharmaceutical industry in Poland. For 75 years it has enjoyed the trust of patients, doctors and business partners.

Polpharma was established in 1935. In 2000 it was privatised with the participation of exclusively Polish capital. Polpharma’s strength is the combination of many years of experience with modern technologies and the highest standards of management.

Products and services

Polpharma is currently the largest Polish manufacturer of generic drugs and pharmaceutical substances. It produces a wide range of prescription drugs and drugs used in inpatient care. The company specialises in preparations used in cardiology, gastroenterology and neurology. A significant part of Polpharma’s portfolio contains also OTC drugs.

Polpharma is the majority shareholder in Medana Pharma S.A. from Sieradz, which is the leader in the area of manufacture of paediatric drugs and vitamin preparations in modern forms. Medana’s portfolio includes also dermatological drugs and drugs used in motor organ disorders, as well as dietary supplements.

In July 2010, Polpharma took over from Bioton SA the part of the company dealing with the manufacture and sale of antibiotics.



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