Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: ul. Zbąszyńska 3 91-342 Łódź

Tel: +48 (42) 61 33 444

Web: http://www.pelion.eu/s/60

Company description

PGF is the leading company working in healthcare business, concentrating on drug and medical products supply. It derives from 1990 when Mr. Jacek Szwajcowski established the pharmaceutical wholesale – MEDICINES. It was designed to help to transform polish pharma-services into a modern, efficient and quality-driven system.

When wholesale trade in pharmaceuticals was deregulated, it became clear that top market standards could only be achieved by a large organisation with nationwide coverage. Thanks to a series of mergers and acquisitions, PGF has become such a company.

As the most popular domestic wholesale distributor of pharmaceuticals, we have optimised our nationwide sales network. We offer 18 thousand different types of pharmaceutical items from every single existing pharmacological group. We don’t just stop at pharmaceuticals. We sell medical equipment, herbal preparations, and cosmetics. Pharmaceutical sales is PGF’s main revenue (more than 90%), and its share is growing continually. At present, our objective is to harness the opportunities emerging in the ever expanding pharmaceuticals market in Poland.

PGF, the decision making headquarters, manages contact with drug makers and distribution within the PGF group through two branches, in Łódź and Katowice. Thanks to our centralised procurement and given the scale of the Group’s operations, we have been able to secure advantageous supply agreements, which in turn enables us to offer the most attractive service to our customers.

The pharmaceutical distribution is carried out by our subsidiary companies located throughout the whole country. This helps us to maintain a strong position on all the local markets.

PGF also distributes pharmaceuticals to hospitals. Our excellent range on offer and efficient customer service has made us the unquestionable market leader in this segment, supplying one in every three pharmaceutical items used for in-patient health care.

PGF’s strong market position is beneficial to smaller companies also active in pharmaceutical distribution. With annual revenues of more than bilion, PGF as the largest private company established in post-communism Poland ranks among the 100 biggest Central&Eastern Europe companys.

Products and services

The strategic objective of the Group is to become the leader in Central and Eastern Europe, by consolidating the retail markets in countries of the region. The Group operates in the healthcare sector in Poland and Lithuania. Its services cover all market segments (wholesale, retail sale and sale to hospitals) and are targeted at individual patients, pharmacies, hospitals and manufacturers.


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