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Tel: +7 (812) 710-82-25

Web: http://www.polysan-ru.com/

Company description

Scientific Technological Pharmaceutical Firm ‘POLYSAN’ Ltd. was founded in December 1992. Since then ‘POLYSAN’ turned into Pharmaceutical Firm, which develops original preparations and is capable of meeting competition with both domestic and foreign companies. Nowadays the Firm ranks among the leaders of pharmaceutical industry in Russia and takes constant care of application of science and state-of-the-art technology achievements to production aiming further improvement of output quality.

The main goal of “POLYSAN” is development of original high-efficient medicinal preparations with reasonable price for patients.

The uniqueness of the company consists of organization the whole preparation cycle from idea to development and registration, production and sale. In order to fulfill the above task the Firm has modern Scientific laboratory, Pharmaceutical production complex in Saint Petersburg and Substances production complex “POLISINTEZ” Ltd. in Belgorod (South of Russia).

The preparations designed and produced by the Firm have been successfully sold on both domestic and foreign markets.

Products and services

Scientific Technological Pharmaceutical Firm ‘POLYSAN’ has two directions of its activity.

Firstly – “POLYSAN” is specialized on development of preparations for treating “socially important” diseases that lead to the long disability, invalidity: mass viral infections (hepatitis B, C, flue infections, HIV), bacterial infections and heavy diseases such as acute cerebrovascular disorder (brain infarction), ischemia and others.

Secondly – “POLYSAN” is producer of metabolic preparations on succinic acid basis possessed anti-oxidantive activity.


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