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Company description

The Pharmaceutical Research Based Industry Malta Association, PRIMA, is affiliated with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). EFPIA is the representative body of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. Its members are the national industry associations of thirty countries in Europe and over forty leading pharmaceutical companies.

PRIMA’s primary mission is to promote pharmaceutical discovery and development in Malta and to bring to the market medicinal products in order to improve human health.

As PRIMA, we aim to foster an environment that encourages the availability of newly researched and developed medicinals and intellectual property protection. We also aim to work in collaboration with the government and non governmental bodies to allow patients rapid access to medicinal products.

PRIMA represents the R&D pharmaceutical companies operating in Malta with respect to government organizations. Our aim is to make such bodies aware of the views of the R&D pharmaceutical industry on all matters that are of interest to it and concern public health, especially international legislation and regulations. Further more we endeavour to maintain close relations with governmental bodies and also with non-governmental bodies in order to enhance understanding of problems affecting the R&D pharmaceutical industry.*

PRIMA is responsible to co-ordinate policies of member companies particularly as regards rules of conduct and self regulatory ethical codes specific to the industry and organize any exchange of information and views among members. As well as, to co-operate with international organisations having similar objectives and activities.

Products and services

This association was founded by AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Sanofi-aventis and Wyeth on 3rd May 2006



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