ProJect Pharmaceutics

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Fraunhoferstr. 22, D-82152 Martinsried,Germany

Tel: +49 89452289700


Company description

ProJect Pharmaceutics, based in Martinsried/Munich, Germany, transforms proteins, peptides and delicate small molecules into pioneering drugs. ProJect Pharmaceutics adds value to client’s bio-pharmaceutical products by applying an innovative concept of development called Advaceutics.

Based on the Advaceutics concept, ProJect Pharmaceutics designs optimized formulations and delivery systems for biologics that are stable, convenient and safe. Tailored to these optimized systems the company develops cost-effective manufacturing processes and transfers those from its own pilot labs to large-scale manufacturing. ProJect Pharmaceutics makes sure that investigational products, biosimilars as well as “bio-betters” are developed effectively and will run smoothly in clinical and commercial scale GMP manufacturing.

ProJect Pharmaceutics was founded and is managed by Andreas Schütz and Klaus Hellerbrand, two leading experts in protein formulation and pharmaceutical process development with many years of experience in bio-pharmaceutics. Their combined expertise and complementary set of qualifications enables ProJect Pharmaceutics to deliver the high-tech pharmaceutical services that are in increased demand for the global biopharmaceutical industry.

Products and services

predictive formulation analytics, formulation development, lyophilization process development and optimization, lyophilization in dual chamber prefilled syringe, development of liposomal formulations, producible by simple stirring, manufacturing of preclinical study material, technology-transfer including scale-up to GMP-manufacturer


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