Last updated: 24.10.2017


PZPPF is the Polish Association of Pharma Industry Employers

Twelve companies in the pharmaceutical industry have created and recorded September 2, 2002 the Polish Association of Pharmaceutical Industries and are acting under the structure of the Polish Confederation of Private Employers.

The national association represents manufacturers of generic drugs.

PZPPF aims at protecting the rights and representing the interests of employers before the authorities, government administration, local government, trade unions and bodies of the European Union – that have been recorded in the statutes of the basic objectives of the Association.

Products and services

The organization conducts lobbying offensive understood as communication with the authorities, with decision-makers at various levels and in different fields: legislative, economic, trade. For privatized firms, and these form the backbone of the Association, the most important thing are the market opportunities for our products.


02-520 Warsaw  ul. Wiśniowa 40b / 4.

Tel    +48 22 542 40 80

Website http://www.producencilekow.pl/

Email sekretariat@pzppf.com.pl



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