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Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: ul. Kubickiego 11, 02-954 Warszawa ,Poland

Tel: 22 642 07 75

Web: http://www.ranbaxy.com.pl/

Company description

The company Ranbaxy began to actively work on the Polish market in 1997. The first products introduced into the pharmaceutical market and achieved huge success. These were the drugs of the fluoroquinolone group: Cifran (Ciprofloxacyna) Zanocin (Oflaxacin) and Norbactin (Norfloxacyna). Based on the success which has had the launch of these drugs, introduced another new product which was Vercef (Cefaclor) – the first on the Polish market, the original generic formulation.
In the following years were registered and placed on the market with more modern antibiotics: Ramoclav (Co-Amoxycilinum) Rantaksym (Cefotaximum) Oframax (Ceftriaxonum). Antibiotics are historically the most important gupę drugs in the portfolio company, which is constantly developed and enriched with new medications, such as: Ceroxim (Cefuroxim axetil); Klabax (claritromycyna) and other

In the first half of 2003 the company started operations in the segment by introducing cardiac preparation Celipres (celiprolol) – betabloker third generation, and in the second half of the product Ramicor (Ramipril) – ACE Inhibitor modern. Both products have met with a very well received by doctors and patients, as confirmed by strong sales of these drugs, which in 2004 amounted to over PLN 2.5 million, in the following year, 2005 – PLN 3.3 million in 2006 – 8.2 million PLN . The portfolio of cardiovascular drugs is still under development and in early 2007, was enriched with the preparation Ranopril (lisinopril) – a drug used among others in leczniu hypertension.

At the end of 2006 the company introduced the sale, preparation called Melobax (Meloxicam) – a modern non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Currently, the drug is used by about 10 000 patients per month.

In mid 2007 the company began selling Ranbaxy formulation Citabax (citalopram) – an antidepressant, an extremely safe activity profile. This product was very well received by doctors and patients. in subsequent years it is planned to introduce further psychiatric drugs.

The beginning of 2008 it also had extensive promotional activities in the segment of gastrointestinal drugs, related to the sale of modern proton pump inhibitor – lansoprazole (trade name Lanbax). This product will be a beginning of the line gastroenterological drugs promoted by the company.

According to IMS data Ranbaxy is 58 among all pharmaceutical companies in Poland. The company is the clear leader of sales growth, which takes place through the introduction of new products and increased sales of existing ones. Systematic increase in sales of Ranbaxy drugs confirms the high quality and high demand among physicians and patients.

The company now operates Ranbaxy 127 people, including 110 persons of field team responsible for maintaining contacts with the medical, aptekarskim and wholesale. Since 2006, the field team is divided into two groups Promo: Rambo 1 (40 representatives) and Rambo 2 (40 representatives). Created in 2008, the third group of promotion – Rambo 3 (20 representatives). All representatives of companies undergoing a very intense and professional training in product knowledge and medical issues with them związnych.

Products and services

CEPODEM Cefpodoximum Antyinfekcyjny
DOXICIN Doxycyclinum Antyinfekcyjny
NEOPROST Bicalutamid Onkologia
NOBREC Anastrazol Onkologia
VENLABAX Venlafaxyna Psychiatria – leczenie depresji
XETIRAN Fluoxetinum CNS


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