Rasch Group – Mexico

Last updated: 15.06.2015


grupo raschRasch group its various divisions offers its customers integrated solutions. Rasch Process: Sales of machinery with technology of various mainly European countries. Rasch Services: With trained staff offer preventive and corrective maintenance; besides sale of parts of machines represented samples. Rasch Metalworking: Your plant with world quality standards offers products in stainless steel and aluminum. Rasch Architecture: Its clean rooms division is the market leader, also has in its portfolio with their represented floor and walls, and with facilities ensure quality in product placement. Techni Rasch With its two divisions 100% service: Maintenance of punches and decontamination of white areas.

Contact Details
San Jorge 192, Col. Sta. Úrsula Coapa, Del. Coyoacán
C.P. 04850, D.F., México.
Tel.: +52(55)5610 1011

Pedro Simón Laplace, 5753 No. 2, Col. Arboledas
C.P. 45070, Zapopan, Jalisco, México.
Tel.: +52(33)3133 0158


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