Reig Jofre Group

Last updated: 09.07.2014

Reig Jofre (RJ) Group is a family owned Company founded in 1929 and has exhibited strong growth in recent years. RJ is now established as a leading European Development and Manufacturing Company in the Pharmaceutical /Biopharmaceutical markets. The headquarters are located in Barcelona (Spain) and the Group is structured around four main Divisions: Industrial, Biotech, Research/Development & Regulatory and Sales & Marketing.

The Industrial Division provides specialised manufacturing activities through 4 manufacturing sites : RJ Toledo (Spain) has two independent facilities for Penicillin (FDA approved) and Cephalosporin specialties: RJ Barcelona (Spain) specialises in freeze-dried products with a “Center of Excellence in Lyophilisation”, and employs a strong scientific approach based on Quality by Design (QbD) processes, and RJ BIOGLAN –(Malmo, Sweden) Manufacture and R & D for semi-solid/topical products.

The RJ Group manufactures for more than 190 clients/distributors in 55 countries globally


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