Republic of Korean Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 5F, DaeHan Bldg 201-6, Guui-Dong, Kwangjin-Gu Seoul,Republic of Korea

Tel: +82 2 456 3043


Company description

KRPIA represents Republic of Korean Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association. KRPIA is the association of research-based companies which deliver innovative new medicines to the market through incessant research endeavors. KRPIA was established in March 1999, consisting of 24 multinational research-based pharmaceutical companies operating in Republic of Korea. At present, KRPIA has 28 member companies which are taking the lead in the world’s pharmaceutical market. KRPIA believes ‘New Medicines, New Hope’ so it is devoted to providing new innovative drugs in Republic of Korea and disseminating pharmaceutical-related information. KRPIA members have the best possible conditions to research, develop, market and inform about their pharmaceuticals, thus ensuring broad and fast access for patients to the best medical treatment. The value of research based medicines for the Republic of Korean society is visible and recognized in a health system with the patient as priority. The Republic of Korean Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association is perceived as a responsible partner that makes a valuable contribution to society.Mision: Promote the development and prompt introduction of innovative new pharmaceuticals Enhance the ethical standards of the pharmaceutical industry Strengthen the pharmaceutical industry’s contribution to the advancement of public health Effectively disseminate pharmaceutical-related information and contribute to medical treatment for patients and public health promotion


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