Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Netherlands

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: World Trade Center
Strawinskylaan 581
1077 XX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 7960-600


Company description

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, founded in 1967, is one of the world’s leading strategy consultancies With roughly 2,000 employees working in 39 offices in 27 countries worldwide, we have successful operations in all major international markets. The strategy consultancy is an independent partnership exclusively owned by about 200 Partners.

Products and services

We focus on the most important sectors, from automation to travel and tourism.

Outstanding management consultants are more than just brilliant analysts and strategists. Above all, they are strong and creative personalities from a variety of backgrounds. Everyone at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants is committed to three core values: excellence, entrepreneurship and partnership. These values shape everything we think and do. As a result, we create lasting, measurable value.



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