Rottapharm Ireland

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Damastown Industrial Park Mulhuddart, Dublin.,Ireland

Tel: +353-1-8852700


Company description

Rottapharm established their Irish manufacturing facility in 1999. Construction of the facility commenced in 1998 on a 20 acre site in Mulhuddart, West Dublin. The facility was completed in July 1999 and obtained a manufacturing licence from the Irish Medicines Board in January 2000.

Products and services

The main product manufactured in Mullhuddart is DONA for which the active ingredient is Glucosamine Sulphate. Both the active ingredient and the finished product in the form of capsules and sachets are manufactured in Mulhuddart. The company also manufactures Bromelain tablets (ANANASE), an anti-inflammatory agent derived from the pineapple tree and a sustained release formulation of Aspirin (TROMALYT).
Employment in the company currently stands at 150 people. The facility has a footprint of 10,000 sq. metres. Product manufactured on site is shipped to over 60 contries.



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