RPS Germany

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Scheurlstraße 21 ,D-90478 Nürnberg Postbox 440138

Tel: +49 (0) 911 946469-0

Web: http://www.rpsweb.com/

Company description

Founded in 1998 by Daniel M. Perlman, RPS implemented its business plan to build the industry’s first Pharmaceutical Resource Organization model. The RPS plan was dedicated to achieving the goal of providing the biopharmaceutical industry with an alternative to traditional outsourcing models by offering customized, integrated solutions that addressed these fundamental industry challenges.The European growth of RPS allows clients to utilize the market leading integrated clinical solutions and enhanced full-service capabilities of RPS to develop clinical products beyond the Americas and into Europe for greater value generation across a global R&D pipeline. RPS recently acquired three CROs in Europe: in Germany, France and Spain. RPS entered the German market in December 2008, when they acquired Imerem GmbH. RPS has acquired Imerem’s specialist knowledge in major indications of clinical indications: CNS (neurology and psychiatry), oncology (solid, hematological tumors), transplantation, pain, dermatology. We are highly experienced in studies with phytomedicines and complementary medicinal treatments, medicinal products, and large-scale post-marketing surveillance studies. Imerem was in particular the world-wide leading CRO in research in the “Restless Legs Syndrome.”Executive Vice President of Clinical Operations in Europe and CEO of RPS Germany is Dr. Ralf Kohnen, former founder of Imerem GmbH.

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