Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Cnr Springbok and Jones Road, Bartlett, Jetpark,South Africa

Tel: +27 11 552 1000

Web: http://www.rtt.co.za/

Company description

RTT Medical distributes in excess of 8 million units per month, with 63% of all deliveries going to pharmacies, hospitals and dispensing doctors.

RTT Medical was established in 2000 to fulfill the Pharmaceutical Industry’s need for an independent multi-channel service provider that would enable suppliers of pharmaceutical products to reach their Customers.

Having recognised the limitations of traditional distribution methods, the pharmaceutical industry has seen the dawning of a new era in the form of direct distribution. This new area of specialisation allows manufacturers of pharmaceuticals to concentrate on their core competencies – while forming partnerships with quality and reliable distributors to deliver their products to the market place.

As a statement of our dedication toward a business of quality, RTT Medical was the first manufacturer-independent distribution service provider to achieve ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Additionally, all our operating procedures and facilities comply with international GMP standards and local MCC, DOH and PSSA certifications.

Products and services

RTT operates an Emergency Orders line on a 24 hours per day 7 days a week basis – 0860 655 600. Only ‘life saving’ products – as defined by the supplier that markets the product – can be ordered via the Emergency order service. So as to ensure that the facility is always available in the case of an emergency, the Emergency Order facility is monitored for abuse.

We service export markets that include Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Madagascar as well as a host of European destinations. In addition, we have a joint venture partner in Kenya, which enables suppliers of pharmaceutical product to directly access the lucrative East African market. Our hub and spoke strategy for secure supply into Africa underpins the solution which resulted in us winning the PEPFAR Supply Chain contract. Within the partnership of Supply Chain Management, The RTT Group is the Lead Logistics Provider for all twelve African target countries.

We reach in excess of four thousand delivery points on behalf of more than 30 Manufacturers. We service the full spectrum of the healthcare market such as medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics, state, pharmacies, health shops, wholesalers, and retailers.

Today, RTT Medical is a focused RTT division specifically geared to the needs of the healthcare industry where the core ingredient is the provision of a world-class pharmaceutical distribution service. We are proud to have been awarded the prestigious PMR 2005 Diamond Arrow Award, which is the top PMR award and demonstrates the respect that we have won since inception.


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