S.M.B. Laboratories

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 26-28, rue de la Pastorale1080 – Brussels – Belgium

Tel: +32.2.411.48.28

Web: http://www.smblab.be/

Company description

S.M.B. is a Belgian based pharmaceutical company with global ambitions. Its objective is to become a leading European player in the field of oral and pulmonary drug delivery systems by being an innovative actor in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to the success of its R&D Department, S.M.B. has become internationally recognized in the field of human health care in various high-tech areas such as Micropellets (microgranules for once daily administration), Lidose® (semi-solid lipidic matrix in hard capsule formulation), Divule® (high gloss gelatine coated tabs), DPI (Dry Powder Inhaler) and Effervescent Tablets design and large scale production.

Products and services

Together with its exclusive partners, S.M.B. Technology S.A. (Contract Manufacturing) and GALEPHAR M/F (Contract R&D), Laboratoires SMB’s activity embraces a large spectrum of competences in initial R&D, continuous R&D, Clinical Trials, Analytics, production, Regulatory Affairs and Marketing, supporting a pipeline of in-house formulations.

S.M.B. proposes a balanced portfolio of products mainly in:

Respiratory tract
Cardiovascular system
Pain management



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