Sandoz Hungary

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Bartók Béla út 43-47 H-1114 Budapest,Hungary

Tel: +36 1 430 28 90


Company description

The Sandoz Pty Ltd ‘s mission pillars, goals, aspirations, our values ​​match, the international principles of Sandoz.
It is our fundamental duty is to our products, our activities improve our lives. To that end, patent medicines from leaving active gyógyszerösszetevőket, a wide range of biotechnology products developed, manufactured and sold at an affordable price, but meeting the highest standards of quality.
During our activities we have created a value system that gives all our partners, our customers continuously expect the highest standards of serving. The world’s leading generic manufacturer of the task we facilitate access to medical care, and health care systems támogatását.Tesszük all aware of the responsibility which the market maker requires.
The Sandoz social responsibility committed, so seek him, that of our long-term, sustainable, economic, social and environmental aspects.

The company’s philosophy of most of the high quality, global presence and innovation in threes we legtömörebben summarized.

The high quality standards by Sandoz in the ever-increasing customer demands are fully met aims itself.

A global presence provides Sandoz for a uniform, international business, as in other countries experienced positive trends, and immediately at the national market .

The innovation – paradoxically – Sandoznál tradition. Our product range is a continuous expansion of committed ourselves to ensuring that our clients always know the latest products and technologies provide.

The Sandoz Hungaria Ltd. we are committed to earn our unreserved confidence. To this end, the company’s global experience and innovative approach we use the best quality, unique products and services we provide. Our goal is to earn customer trust, and they regarded us as a generic drug manufacturers the most customer-oriented company of.

Sandoz Hungaria Ltd. continuously monitor our clients’ changing needs and strive to creativity and innovative approach to these needs as possible to able to answer.

Products and services

Therapeutic Areas
Market-leading product portfolio (so-called ‘blockbuster’) and fill gaps in its niche market for both drugs include all major therapeutic areas, in particular:
Central Nervous System
Stomach and digestive tract
Muscle and skeletal

Top 5 products containing active worldwide



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