Sanofi, Poland

Last updated: 01.05.2014

sanofi-1Sanofi Group is a global healthcare business engaged in discovering, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products with a view to improving the health of patients worldwide. The company is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: SAN) and New York (NYSE: SNY).

Polish members of the Sanofi Group include: Sanofi-Aventis Sp. z o.o.—a manufacturer of innovative and OTC drugs; Sanofi Pasteur—the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer; Zentiva—a leading manufacturer of generic drugs in Central and Eastern Europe; Nepentes Pharma—one of the key players in the dermocosmetics market; Genzyme—a manufacturer of medicines for rare diseases; and Merial—a global leader in the animal healthcare industry.

The Sanofi Group operates 112 manufacturing sites throughout the world, including one located in Rzeszów, Poland. The Sanofi Group employs almost 1000 people in Poland. According to IMS Health Polska, the Group occupies a prominent position in the Polish ranking of the biggest pharmaceutical companies.



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