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Last updated: 12.08.2015

Santa Farma LogoSanta Farma entered the pharmaceutical market in 1944 when they established Farma Laboratories. The merger with Santa Laboratories created the company as we know it today, Santa Farma. The merger initiated their growth and strengthened their presence in the Turkish pharmaceutical market. In 1954, Santa Farma İlaç Fabrikası Kollektif Şirketi was established, which then proceeded with Santa Farma İlaç Sanayi A.Ş. in 1973.

In the fast paced and quick-changing landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, Santa Farma knew that to keep up with modern production techniques they needed manufacturing facilities equipped with the most cutting edge production equipment available. Once these were in place, Santa Farma was able to enrich it’s product range and produce higher quality medicines while also producing for leading multinational companies in Turkey under licensing agreements. Currently, it is manufacturing products of Organon İlaçları A.Ş. (Schering-Plough Tibbi Urunler Ticaret A.Ş. and Organon have merged at 1st August 2008. When Organon had joined Schering-Plough company, Organon’s legal status came to an end.), of Dutch origin, in Turkey as a toll manufacturer, as well.

Powered by its mission “giving healthy service to health” and with awareness of its responsibilities, Santa Farma is a well-established company which has been providing the healthcare sector with their services since 1944. Santa Farma is part of an elite group of companies in Turkey with all Turkish capital as well as invaluable assets such as its reputation and earned trust in the industry that is also indicative it is progressing on the right path.

Santa Farma has a rich and deep history with a proven track record in the pharmecutial industry, yet at the same time they welcome change and progress. It is a company that keeps up with the most modern advances in technology, the latest innovations and gets the efficient results by drawing on past experience to pave a future for tomorrow.

Executive Profile – Erol Kirespi (Chairman & CEO)

Born in Istanbul, he completed his studies on Chemical Engineering at Bogazici University, received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the same university.

He is the CEO of Santa Farma Pharmaceuticals.

He worked as a Board Member at the Chemical, Petroleum, Rubber and Plastic Industries Employer’s Association of Turkey (KIPLAS) during 1977-2003, where he serves as the Vice President since 2003.

He is President of Pharmaceutical Sector Committee of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Member of Assembly of the same organisation. He is a Board Member at the Union of Chambers of Commerce Pharmaceutical Sector Assembly of Turkey.

Currently he is the Vice President of the Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations (TİSK) and President of the External Relations Commission where he represents Turkish Employers at international level. He is also a Member of Turkey-EU Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) since 2004.

Mr. Kiresepi also represents TISK at G20 and B20 process since 2011. Within this scope during the 2011 G20 French Presidency, 2013 G20 Russian Presidency and 2014 G20 Australian Presidency he has taken up duty as a Member of B20 Human Capital Task Force representing employers. In 2013, he also represented world employers on behalf of B20 Human Capital Task Force in various platforms where G20 Labour Ministers and G20 Employment Task Force were present.

Mr. Kiresepi has also been elected to the CEO Forum composed of CEO’s in the international arena in order to guide the efforts within the 2014 G20 Australian Presidency.

Contact Details
Santa Farma Head Office
Okmeydanı Boruçiçeği Sok. No:16, 34382,
Şişli, İstanbul
Tel: +90 (212) 220 6400
Fax: +90 (212) 222 5889



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