Selvita, Poland

Last updated: 01.05.2014


Selvita delivers comprehensive solutions to customers from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry targeted at speedy and cost-effective introduction of efficacious and safe drugs to the market.

The areas of activity include:

  • Research on new chemical entities originating from Polish universities or resulting from Selvita’s own discovery programs
  • Integrated fee-for-service drug discovery projects based on medicinal chemistry, biology and pharmacology services
  • Target-based solutions – advanced protein modeling solutions
  • Drug discovery  – custom in-silico library construction
  • Lead generation – optimization of lead compounds
  • Contract synthesis and syntheses paths optimization
  • Information technology for research projects

Selvita is also the majority shareholder of BioCentrum (, which provides preclinical ADMET services, and biopharmaceutical development services. Selvita Group laboratories have the General Pharmaceutical Inspectorate accreditation and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification.
Selvita develops its own innovative drugs, which originate from research at Polish universities and later commercializes them with partners from the pharmaceutical industry. Selvita is involved in several research projects at the pre-clinical stage. Their current projects are in the area of oncology and central nervous system.

They employ over 180 top-class professionals from the area of medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, molecular biology, biotechnology and informatics, and almost 40 percent of Selvita employees hold a PhD degree in the field of biomedical research. Many of their experts have several years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Poland, and publications in the best scientific journals such as: Nature Biotechnology, Science, and the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. They work with leading universities and research centers from Poland, Europe and United States.

In their work they adhere to the highest ethical standards, both in dealing with the environment and within the company. Their goal is to develop solutions that contribute to the extension and improvement of the quality of life. In doing so, Selvita is guided by the respect for human life at it’s every stage, and does not conduct research that violates human dignity.

Selvita S.A.
Bobrzyńskiego 14
30-348 Kraków




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