Siemens Hungary

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Gizella ut 51-57 H-1143 Budapest
Postacím: H-1956 Budapest ,Hungary

Tel: (36 1) 471-1000


Company description

Sector to identify with Siemens Ltd. as part of its objectives. Our policy is an important element in maintaining high standards and increasing.

Our principles of quality include demanding performance expectations of our customers. Their competitiveness and expand our products and services in order to constantly improving quality. Siemens is one of the success of the health sector.

Our goal is to bring the needs of doctors using the latest technical facilities. In recent decades, almost revolutionary improvement in health can only come up with a huge development costs. Siemens is already beginning to assume a significant share of this, it obliges us to make all tehetségünkkel and know-how available to our customers. Our goal is to provide services and complex solutions that achieve the abandonment partner satisfaction.

Products and services

Medical Equipment (MED)
Hospital IT Solutions (MED)

MR diagnosis
CT diagnosis
MI systems
X-ray diagnostics
Information Systems
Mammography systems
Urological Systems
Surgical image intensifiers


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