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Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI)

Last updated: 23.08.2016


The Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI) is a national academic research organization dedicated to enhancing the standards of human clinical research.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of MOH Holdings, they strive to improve patient care through the design and conduct of cutting-edge clinical research. The highly experienced scientists and operations team at SCRI works closely with their partners, including leading pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotech, as well as academic Investigators.

SCRI collaborates with clinicians to develop specific disease and practice-focused Clinical Research Networks. Through the unique fusion of scientific leadership and operational excellence, SCRI offers a comprehensive suite of clinical research capabilities.

Today, SCRI is also involved in optimising Singapore’s clinical trial landscape through developing numerous National Clinical Trial Coordination Initiatives.


Address: 31 Biopolis Way, Nanos #02-01 Singapore 138669

Tel.+65 6508 8300




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