Smart Scale – Mexico

Last updated: 11.06.2015

smart scaleSmart Scale features three product solutions: Smartdata, Media-soft, and marketimetrics. Smartdata: The best directory of: Physicians, Drugstores and Hospitals. We are experts in Database cleaning, approval, crossing, analysis, rep equivalent, e-mailing and deployment. Media-soft: Excellence in territory management. Sales Vision CRM has unique qualities: Flexible, dynamic, transactional, friendly, 100 percent parameterizable. Available for multiple environments and our last version is implemented for iPhone / iPad. Marketimetrics: The perfect analysis in reporting, parameterizable for making decision to Marketing, market research and SFE.

Contact Details
Insurgentes Sur 670 Piso 10-B, Col. Del Valle,C.P. 03100, México City,Mexico
Tel: 55-5523 8934



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