Social Security Institution (SGK)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Genel Sağlık Sigortası
İzleme ve Değerlendirme D.B.
Ziyabey Caddesi No:6 Balgat / Ankara

Tel: +90 312 207 80 77


Company description

The Turkish social security system went through a major transformation, based on centralizing the control of different social security funds (SSK, Emekli Sandigi and Bag-Kur) in a single institution – SGK or SSI – in 2007.

Products and services

The duties of SSI, which is established with the objective of the realization of a social security system at the contemporary standards that will provide individuals with social insurance and universal health insurance, based on the principles of social insurance, effective, equitable, easily accessible, actuarial and sustainable in financial terms, are as follows according to Article 3 of the Law No. 5502:
• To implement the social security policies by taking into consideration the national development strategies and policies as well as annual implementation programs and to undertake endeavors for the improvement of these policies.
• To inform natural and legal persons for whom it serves with regard to their rights and obligations and to facilitate the exercise of these rights and fulfillment of these obligations.
• To follow up international developments, to collaborate with the European Union and International organizations, to undertake the necessary studies with regard to social security agreements to be concluded with foreign countries, to implement international agreements that are duly executed. .
• To provide coordination and collaboration among the public agencies in the field of social security.
• To carry out the duties assigned to the Institution by this Law and other laws.



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