SOHO Group

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Jl. Rawa Sumur II Kav. B.B3 ,Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung, Jakarta 13930 INDONESIA

Tel: +6221 4683 2588


Company description

SOHO Group, one of the prominent pharmaceutical corporations in Indonesia was set up in 1946 by an entrepreneur, the late Mr. Tan Tjhoen Lim.Nowadays, SOHO Group is one of Indonesia’s leading pharmaceutical and healthcare corporations in manufacturing, distributing, and providing quality health products and services. The corporation consists of two manufacturing companies: PT. SOHO Industri Pharmasi & PT. ETHICA Industri Farmasi, and a distribution company: PT. PARIT PADANG.It focus on manufacturing – including under-licensed – herbal products (immunomodulator, antioxidant, anti diarrhea, anti laxantia) and synthetic products (antibiotic, cephalosporin, injection preparation, antiemetic, analgesic, musculoskeletal, vitamin, obgyn, gastro, neuro, and rheumatology products)The distribution channel is supported by our 25 branches covering 90% of major cities in Indonesia. Soho Group is also present in other emerging markets: Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Lebanon, Mongolia. SOHO Group is also having and launching good quality and good prospect products from overseas, namely from Japan, Europe, Australia and the USA, through licensing activities.The revenue growth is 25% year-on-year since 2004. It employs around 3,000 people.



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