Soubeiran Chobet – Argentina

Last updated: 23.09.2014

lSCHheaderSince 1912, Soubeiran Chobet has gained a reputation for its quality processes used in the manufacture of each of its products. Today, when we look at our first century of life, we see a solid and dynamic Argentinian company that provides optimum-quality, safe and effective medicines that all the community can afford. From this position, we are committed to being a factor of progress for our country.
A succession of historic events has seen the small office of the old pharmacist grow progressively to become a striving pharmaceutical company equipped with state-of-the-art 21st century technology. Several patents for products developed from our own research, seven lines of the highest pharmacological level, a national distribution network and permanent service to the healthcare professionals are the result of a unique history of seriousness and commitment to quality.

Iberá 5055 (C1431AEI)
Buenos Aires
Tel. (+5411) 4545-5454
Fax (+5411) 4545-1010


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