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Last updated: 13.02.2014

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The vision of the Department of Health has always been set on establishing “A Healthy Taiwan – Providing the Public a Healthy and Safe Lifestyle.” The department also promotes medical, health care, and disease prevention, as well as food, drugs, as well as cosmetic management and health insurance affairs. Our main responsibilities are very closely related to the daily lives of the public. The department also upholds the values of “abiding by the law and pragmatism, enriching the lives of and loving the people,” as well as achieving the four main missions of “serving as a catalyst in improving the health of the people, educating the people into having a healthy lifestyle, paving the road for the health industry, and participating in international health affairs.” According to the 2005 to 2008 medium-term projects of the department, six strategic performance goals have successfully been established, namely “improving the quality of health care”, “integrating health management into our lifestyle”, “making disease prevention a public responsibility”, “making food and drugs safe”, “industrializing health technology”, and “making health affairs an international issue”.

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Improving the Quality of Health Care
The development of a professional, diversified, and regionalized nationwide long term care service system can help provide for the health care resources in communities in order to provide appropriate long term care for local citizens with disabilities.
Establish a holistic health care policy in the community to provide holistic health care and medical resources in the area.
Establish an evaluation system that focuses on the appraisal of medical quality with a focus on “localization”.
Improving and expanding the care services provided to the underprivileged in order to protect their hospitalization rights.
Planning the establishment of a health insurance resource allocation unit in order to be equipped with a decision-making mechanism for the allocation of health insurance and medical resources and the expansion of the public participation on health insurance policies and feedback measures.
Enhance the participation of public departments in medical and health care affairs in order to boost the GDP ratio along the ranks of developed countries.

Integrating Health Management into Our Lifestyles
Establish a eugenic health care-friendly environment.
Establish a public policy on health in order to develop the country’s health risk evaluation mechanism.
stablish a supportive environment in order to build a healthy lifestyle.
Enhance community mobility for the development of a healthier metropolitan.
A comprehensive chronic disease care network paves the way for integrative preventive health care services.

Making Disease Prevention a Public Responsibility
Improving the contamination control system of hospitals to enhance the contamination control quality in hospitals.
Establishing a medical system on emerging and re-emerging infections and promoting the idea of specialized infection treatments.
Integrating and enhancing the current disease control system and establishing an effective case survey and track down system.
Establishing a nationwide disease prevention and examination network and improving laboratory facilities, research and examination, and its quality.

Making Food and Drugs Safe
Promoting the centralization of food and drug management, examination, and research in order to improve the quality of the management, examination, and research quality of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and biological products.
Assisting the development of the biotechnical industry, establishing an international assessment system, and promoting the quality of local products.
Ensuring the timely introduction of safe and effective food and drugs that have undergone proper monitoring in order to protect the health of the public.
The effective supervision and control of 1 st and 2 nd degree drug channels in order to enhance drug abuse prevention.

Industrializing Health Technology
Enhancing medical, drugs, sanitation and health policies and doing research on major diseases and health problems that affect the public in order to effectively deal with the health problems of the public.
Establishing an environment to serve as the foundation for the development of drugs and biotechnology in order to enhance the quality of the biotechnical industry.
Promoting national science and technology programs in order to promote the development of the national economy.

Making Health Affairs an International Issue
Actively promoting entry into the World Health Organization.
Enhancing international health collaboration and assistance.
Planning the establishment of an international health and medical cooperation and assistance special unit.
Training people to become international health professionals.
In the future, in order to develop a healthier Taiwan and the world, we will continue promoting the health and well-being of the community, establishing a healthy cabinet, and actively cooperate with world health specialized organizations in order to lend a helping hand to the development of the world’s economy and its health environment. Taking one step at a time, we are working towards our goal of letting the whole world enjoy the riches of our land and relieving mankind of the fears triggered by diseases and war.



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