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Last updated: 13.02.2014

image004.pngEstablished in 1998, TCM Biotech International Corp. is the second company ratified by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs to be a ‘Biotechnology New Drug Company’ for its remarkable R&D capability and achievements. TCM Biotech’s headquarter is set in Neihu Technology Park with ISO-9001 certified research lab, and upgrades its pilot plant to be a state-of-the-art modern fermentation plant incorporating a high-caliber medicinal fungi research center in Tainan Xinying Industry.

TCM Biotech is a leading biotech company in Taiwan specializing in development of botanical new drugs for prevention and treatment of liver disease and medicine for improving and treatment of joint disease. An innovative research and development of food/medicinal strains for example, TCM Biotech identifies the strains derived from natural Cordyceps sinensis by the internationally recognized ribosomal gene method (18S rDNA) and morphology for sure, makes production optimized based on strains’ characteristic and efficacy, produces by own exclusive deep-fermentation technology corresponding to the international quality standard of botanical new drug to well control on effectiveness, safety and consistency, and then applies for research and development of different botanical new drugs, such as TCM-700C on HCV, TCM-606F on NAFLD(Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease), TCM-800B combining with combination therapy to converse HBV surface antigen into negative and TCM-808FB on liver fibrosis.

TCM Biotech is the first biotech company to get the approval from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Taiwan Department of Health (DOH) to directly conduct the botanical new drug development protocol “The phase II human clinical trial for TCM-700C HCV adjuvant agent” in Taiwan. This protocol has already been completed in March 2011 and got approval. This development of botanical new drug TCM-700C has also been ratified as one of the primary index projects for drug development under cross-strait system in 2012, and TCM Biotech wad also invited to attend “Cross-strait Chengdu Biomedical Conference” as the only remarkable one on development of botanical new drug in five Taiwan representatives on December 13, 2012. The future objective for the development vision is to combine domestic and foreign experts in the study field of liver disease to become an international biotech company on prevention and treatment of liver disease and capable of research, production and sales. Keep the existing domestic channels growing and steady, expand foreign market actively, develop the advantage of products and enhance the competitiveness not only to create maximum revenue but also to take care of human health as the final target.

Address: 7F, No. 11, Lane 35, Jifu Rd., Neihu District, Taipei 114, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: 886-2-26581677 ext.733
Contact: Wang
Fax: 886-2-26581018




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