Last updated: 13.02.2014

Tecnifar acts in the pharmaceutical sector producing, marketing and distributing drugs, whether their own or those patented by research companies of recognized competence.

The active and relentless search for the best therapeutic solutions makes it´s portfolio even more complete, now with extended offer of prescription products, OTC’s and medical devices for therapies related to the Central Nervous System, the Cardiovascular System, Allergology, Rheumatology, and women’s health, among other areas.

Tecnifar’s Journey has been both dynamic and sustainable, because its growth strategy has always been well established, both in terms of strict criteria and innovation – which still guide its posture and activity today.

Tecnifar is a company that has a different view on the pharmaceutical market: whereas some see health, Tecnifar sees life.


Rua Tierno Galvan, Torre 3 – 12º piso

1099-036 Lisboa

Telephone:        +351 21 0 330 700

Fax:                       +351 21 0 330709




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