The General Pharmaceutical Association (APB)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Archimedesstraat 11 – B1000 Brussels,Belgium

Tel: +32 2 285 42 00


Company description

The General Pharmaceutical Association (APB) is the umbrella federation of the Belgian associations of independent pharmacists. APB represents 90 percent of the pharmaceutical corps, which essentially covers the total of the corresponding independent pharmacists.

Products and services

The activities of the APB includes the advocacy of its members as well as other forms of assistance and information to its members.

Under the control of the General Assembly shall determine the general policy of the Federal Council, which is followed by the Management Committee. This includes not only ‘contacts’ with the Federal Government, Regions, Communities and the official authorities, but also the representation in the lap of numerous committees both at regulatory level and in terms of the health of the drug delivery control.
The APB members provide services including legal assistance, social and economic information, scientific and pharmaceutical documentation, etc.
In addition, the Office for Drug Research (DGO) part of the APB. The core of this officially recognized and accredited laboratory analysis, monitoring and systematic, periodic rechecking of medicines and products with a quality label.


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