The Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (SAPI)

Last updated: 18.08.2016



The Pharmaceutical Trade Association (PTA) was founded on 26 May 1966. The necessity of forming an association came about when Singapore imposed an import quota on pharmaceutical products soon after Singapore became independent. PTA made representations to the Government, which finally resulted in the abolishment of the quota system.

On 19 December 1975, the Association’s name was changed to the Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (SAPI) so as to encompass a wider spectrum of pharmaceutical related businesses into the Association, namely the trading houses, manufacturers, representative offices and pharmacies.


As a body, SAPI

  • Supports legislation that seeks to improve the pharmaceutical trade in Singapore.
  • Represents its members to the Government on issues regarding laws/regulations that pertain to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Assists members in solving their problems in the industry like parallel imports, counterfeit products and patent infringements.
  • Promotes ethical practices in order to improve the image and credibility of the industry and SAPI members through the voluntary acceptance and adherence to the SAPI Code of Marketing Practices
  • Undertakes surveys which are of service to its members.
  • Upgrades professional skills of medical representatives and staff of member companies by organising relevant training courses.
  • Promotes goodwill, common understanding, close collaboration and rapport with the various medical and allied professional bodies.


151 Chin Swee Road
#02-13A/14 Manhattan House, Singapore 169876
Tel : 6738 0966 Fax: 6738 0977



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