Torrent Brazil

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Rua Florida 1738, 5th floor, Cidade Moncoes, Sao Paulo – SP – 04565-001, Brasil,Brazil

Tel: +55-11-5501-2585


Company description

Brazil is part of Torrent’s strategic alliance and is the gateway to the Americas. In 2002, the company was established in São Paulo and in 2005 was already all over Brazil. By 2009, the Brazilian subsidiary acheived first place in the ranking of revenues among the existing 67.

Products and services

Azukon M,R Azulix, Metta SR, Glibeta Amlocor. Betacard Plus, Branta, Ecator, Ecator H, Indapen SR, Karvil, Listril, Perico, Rosuco, Torlós, Torlós H



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