Toscana Life Sciences

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Via Fiorentina, 1 , 53100 Siena,Italy

Tel: +39 0577 231211


Company description

Toscana Life Sciences (TLS) consists of both a Science park and a foundation.
TLS foundation is a non-profit organization founded in December 2004 by a group of public and private institutions in Tuscany, including the Province and Municipality of Siena, the Tuscany Region, the Monte Paschi Bank and Monte Paschi Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce of Siena, the Universities of Florence, Siena and Pisa, the Scuola Normale and Scuola St. Anna of Pisa, and the Hospital of Siena.
The Science Park represents the most important project of the TLS Foundation; its main aim is to offer equipped buildings, services and financing opportunities, thus creating a fertile ground for the development of new biotech companies focused on pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and innovative biomedical technologies.

Products and services

Besides the equipped labs and office rental, the TLS Science Park provides incubated companies with a full package of services, ranging from General Services, linked to day-to-day research activities, to Consultancy Services in line with company business management needs.



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