UCB Pharma UK

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 208 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3WE,United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1 753 534 655

Web: http://www.ucb.com/

Company description

A global biopharma focused on severe diseases with operations in more than 40 countries and global revenue of € 3.1 billion in 2009.

Products and services

Main therapeutic areas:


Cimzia® (certolizumab pegol) – Crohn’s disease& Rheumatoid arthritis
Xyzal® (levocetirizine) – Allergies
Zyrtec® (cetirizine) – Allergies
Tussionex™ (hydrocodone polistirex and chlorpheniramine polistirex) (CIII) – Respiratory disease

Central Nervous System

Vimpat® (lacosamide) – Epilepsy
Keppra® (levetiracetam) – Epilepsy
Neupro® (rotigotine) – Parkinson’s disease & Restless Legs Syndrome
Nootropil® (piracetam) – Regulating cerebral functions
Metadate CD™ (methylphenidate HCl) (CII) – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


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