UpPharma – Mexico

Last updated: 19.05.2015

UpPharma VectoresUpPharma has a long history of incubating specialized pharmaceutical companies and brands in Mexico.

UpPharma presents a variety of services to support the product penetration strategy of pharmaceutical manufacturers in Mexico.Identifying the market potential of the product, designing the regulatory strategy to accelerate time to market, offering the legal representation to be the manufacturer’s face before Mexican authorities, developing the business plan and launching the product in Mexico.

With Market Expansion Services (MES), they offer pharmaceutical manufacturers entrance to the Mexican market by designing a winning commercial strategy and setting up the end-to-end marketing and sales processes to maximize portfolio potential and return of investment.

Contact Details
Insurgentes Sur 670, 6th floor,
Col. Del Valle 03100, Mexico City
P.+52 55 36 40 59 58



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