Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 119530, Russia, Moscow, Generala Dorokhova str., 18-2,Russia

Tel: +7 495 933 60 80


Company description

Valenta was founded in 1997 as “Otechestvennye lekarstva” and presently includes JSC Valenta Pharmaceuticals.

The holding is consistently carrying out its social responsibility policy, by developing and implementing socially important projects aimed at improvement of life quality and longevity of Russian people.

Valenta is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Russia. Being the first means being fully responsible towards our shareholders, business partners, consumers, and our own employees.

Over 1500 people are working in our holding today in the plant in Schelkovo and in our head office in Moscow. Medical representatives working in all large cities of Russia are among them.

We want to prove, with our work, originality and quality of our medicines, corporate management and manufacturing standards, that Valenta is not only the largest but the best pharmaceutical company in Russia.

Valenta is power, attraction, ability to adapt to ever changing business environment and the world, we are moving with the time and market trends. We changed the name of our company, but we do not abandon our main principles: development of innovative medicines, support of Russian science, investments into the health of the nation.

Products and services

Main pharmacotherapeutic groups
• antibacterial
• neurological
• vitaminis
• cardiological
• antihistamine
• parenteral feeding, etc.



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